things to do in Belize

99 Tips for Traveling in Belize

  1. Shuttle service is cheaper than taking an airplane
  2. Catch a cab only when necessary
  3. All business closes at 9pm, except for local pubs
  4. Only eat street food if it’s steaming hot or straight off the grill
  5. Fast food restaurants are perfect for your budget
  6. Don’t forget to treat yourself at a Gourmet Restaurant ( at least once)
  7. All Belizean food is fresh and rich with flavor
  8. Ask for Rice and Beans with Stew chicken and fried plantains
  9. Visit the local farmers market
Things to do in Belize

10. Visit Gift Shops
11. Taste the Belizean Rum
12. Tour the Belikin Brewery
13. Taste the Belikin Beer, Stout and lighthouse
14. Buy fry jacks and beans for breakfast, or ask for a Belizean breakfast
15. Take cooking classes
16. Go to Hopkins, a Garifuna community in southern Belize.
17. Learn how to cook Garifuna food
18. Take Drumming lessons and dance the John Kunu
19. Get your hair braided
20. Visit the Mayas and make Chocolate

21. Taste Mestizo food. Ask for Panades, salbutes or tostadas (for cheap eats)
22. Rent a scooter to tour a town
23. Don’t forget to bring sun screen
24. Drink a lot of water especially on a tour
25. Travel with bug spray
26. Belize money is, 1USD=2BZD. US coins are not accepted
27. Travel with small Dollar bills due to the money exchange rate
28. There is no need to change USD to BZD
29. ATM’s are in every town
30. Don’t travel with a lot of cash
31. Passports can stay in a safe at your hotel or in your care
32. The local bus or chicken bus is comfortable for backpackers
33. Hostels are clean, comfortable and reasonable

Places to stay in Belize

34. Taste the Belizean BBQ
35. Visit the famous ATM Cave, one of the top 10 sacred caves in the World
36. Hike Mayan Ruins and learn ancient History
37. Visit the smallest zoo in the world
38. Swim with Nurse Sharks, rays and loggerheads
39. Dive and snorkel at the largest Blue Hole in the World
40. Go paddle boarding and wind surfing
41. Visit Marine Reserves
42. Dive and Snorkel at the Second largest Barrier Reef in the World
43. Visit Belize Islands
44. Fly fish in Placencia Belize

things to do in Belize

45. Visit Local Art Galleries
46. Learn how to dance Punta
47. Get your Scuba Certificate
48. Sail In the Caribbean
49. Island hop and visit turquoise water with white sandy beaches
50. Help the Reef and hunt Lion Fish
51. Hunt lobster and have a Beach BBQ
52. Stay at Island Resorts
53. Book a vacation rental home
54. Stay at an Airbnb
55. Explore hidden Waterfalls

waterfall in Belize

56. Hike nature trails
57. Explore Medicinal Trails
58. Be a part of sustainable tourism
59. Go Cave tubing and explore the Maya Underworld
60. Hop on a jungle gypsy river pontoon and explore hidden treasures
61. Go horseback riding to the Maya Ruins
62. Cross the Belize/Guatemala Border and visit Tikal
63. Try river canoeing
64. Go bird watching and see some of the 500 species of Birds in Belize
65. Visit Mountain Pine Ridge and swim in natural infinity pools
66. Explore the Chiquibul Nature Reserve and look out for scarlet macaws
67. Visit the butterfly farm

Things to do in Belize

68. Meet iguanas at the Iguana Conservation Project
69. Take Maya Cooking Classes
70. Visit small museums
71. Visit the Baboon Sanctuary
72. Tour the inland Blue Hole
73. Visit a Mennonite Community
74. Taste a seaweed drink
75. Learn how to cook authentic Belizean food
76. Learn how to write Hieroglyphs
77. Taste the famous Orange Walk Tacos
78. Try the monkey River tour and get close up to Wildlife

Belize wildlife

79. Hike Victoria Peak, the highest point in Belize
80. Take a Banana farm tour
81. Try the bioluminescence tour
82. Hop on a helicopter for an aerial exploration
83. Sky dive from the Islands
84. Visit the only Jaguar Reserve in the World
85. Camp at Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Reserve
86. Tour Marie Sharps ( hot sauce ) Company
87. See the “Sleeping Giant”!
88. Hop on a Water Taxi to get to the islands
89. Stay in a Treehouse or River Cabana
90. Book rooms at an Eco Hotel

Eco Lodge in Belize

91. Taste homemade wine
92. Purchase local homemade coconut oil
93. Try tropical fruits
94. Visit Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary
95. Drink coconut Water from the shell
96. Taste Belize Chocolate
97. Learn Belizean Farming
98. Buy Belizean Tshirts
99. Taste Belize Coffee



I hope this list gives you an idea of what you can do while traveling in Belize.

Kindly leave a comment below if you found this list useful, or if you have any questions concerning your trip to Belize.


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