Belize Fly fishing

Belize Fly Fishing

Every Year, Hundreds of Fly Fishers find their way to the most exclusive tidal flats, lagoons, rivers and seas. Chasing tails around the world is one thing, but doing it in Belize is a whole new experience. Belize offers a world class sport on the bucket list for anglers everywhere. Hundreds of fly fishers make their way to Belize every year to achieve “The Grand Slam”.

Fly fishing in Belize
sport fishing in Belize
Game fishing in Belize.


Anglers travel all the way to Belize, Central America to catch bonefish, tarpon and permit. Catching all three plus the elusive snook is considered- The Super Grand Slam. Of course it takes a skilled guide to find all these species in one day. Passionate Belizean fly fishers understands their clients’ hopes and dreams once on the boat.

Every day is great for fly fishing, and your chosen fish and time of year will determine where you should travel. Whether it’s a sunny or cloudy day, the anticipation of a possible hook up is exciting. Nervous water or surface movements reveals the presence of different species. Fly fishers enjoys to play the fish, watching it make spectacular jumps and putting up a fight that can last from five minutes to two hours. Even though they may not win the battle, they will always remember the exhilarating fight!


sport fishing in Belize

Sport fishing gets exciting from March to September when large migratory tarpon-weighing at least 150 lbs. move through Belize waters. Groups can be as small as three or four, or up to a hundred fish per school. Feel the thrill of catching and releasing, and learn the importance of protecting our magnificent species for the future generations of Belize.

While sailing for days on the Caribbean Sea, every fly fisher enjoys relaxing on the blue, eating fresh catch of the day and most of all exploring the other marine assets in Belize. This includes the second largest Barrier Reef in the world, three of the four Atolls and the seven marine reserves with the Belize’s World Heritage site Designations.

Game Fishing has taken place in Belize for decades! Become one of the next fly fishers to experience Belize waters, and achieve your Grand Slam. Connect with fellow Passionate Belizean Anglers and find the perfect location for that perfect catch.

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