Being a born Belizean, I have so much memories of Placencia. My first trip was when I was 5 years old. Placencia was yet a developing fishing village-small stores, a couple hotels, unpaved roads and a handful of tourists.

Twenty years later!

Placencia flourishes with local and international cuisine, luxury Resorts and Hotels, budget hotels, Art Galleries, Supermarkets…. and the list goes on….

Breakfast on the Beach

Breakfast on the Beach

Waking up to greet the sunrise in the Caribbean cannot be compared to anything else in the World. Watching the sun rise over the horizon with Dolphins at play (only a few meters from the beach) is absolutely stunning.

My Mornings in Placencia begins with freshly brewed coffee from D’tatch Restaurant. I always choose a table on the beach under a rounded thatched roof. Their Menu includes local and international dishes with vegetarian, vegan and gluten free choices. I enjoy Their Belizean Breakfast: fryjacks with eggs over easy, bacon, jelly and fresh orange juice.

After Breakfast, we walk down to the dock.

And yes! You must know!

There is ONE –MAIN- sidewalk that leads to basically everywhere you want to go!

I am not kidding! As a matter of fact, this side walk was named - the “Worlds Narrowest Street” in the Guinness Book of World Records!

How cool is that!

The Dock in Placencia
Local Art Gallery

Take the side walk to all the main restaurants, pubs, hotels, ATM, art galleries and tour operators. I enjoy walking to “Point” (as Placencia locals call it) or the Harbor. In tourist season, a cruise ship docks at a nearby private island, and tenders come inland to visit and shop.

Enjoy Garifuna Drumming, Purchase local handmade jewelry and souvenirs, taste Belize food or tour the Peninsula. I love to watch the Garifuna guys playing and dancing the john kunu!

After all the Excitement, we walk back up the sidewalk and stop in at Cozy Corner for Belizean Rice and Beans and Stew Chicken- don’t forget to ask for extra fried Plantains!

After Lunch, My afternoon is spent on the beach, relaxing with an exotic drink….

Things to do

Happy Hour at local pubs are usually from 4pm-7pm. Don’t miss out!!  Tipsy Tuna and Barefoot Bar are the places to go! If you enjoy jazz, head on over to Cha Chi’s.

My most favorite place to go is Tutti Frutti! Gelato Heaven! So many choices it’s ridiculous! It’s MmMm so good! Great service! Great Owners! Definitely a #1 stop in Placencia.

Gelato in Placencia
Coffee Shops in Placencia

Our early morning walks include a short stop at Above Grounds. Get your coffee! Get it hot! Get it just right! Delicious bagels and doughnuts, and quick service. If you haven’t tried Seaweed, head on over to Brewed Awakenings. Try seaweed in every flavor possible-even with coffee! Great service with a smile!

As you can see, my trips to Placencia are never wasted! There is always something to do, see or taste.