Every year, over 100 million people across the Globe search for places to travel and immediately start saving.

Some plan a trip with their family or friends, while others prefer to travel solo. Nevertheless, the search begins. When traveling to a destination for the first time, everyone dreams of how the places might look and how much fun they would have. They even plan an itinerary and read reviews about places to eat, places to stay and things to do. Of course all travelers are different, some just totally go with the flow!

Scroll down and learn about the Top Travel Trends for 2018!


Placencia Peninsula

Small Town Destinations

Travelers plan a vacation to get away from work. Some even try to get away from the “world”. Let’s face it, we get tired of our work space, tiny cubicle, busy streets, fast food restaurants, crowded subways and the list goes on. Many people want an adventure with wide open spaces, fresh clean air, quaint places and diverse foods.

If you agree with me, try a small town destination. Placencia, for instance, is a Peninsula in Southern Belize offering exactly what you need. This small tourist village sits between the Caribbean Sea and the Great Mayan Mountains.

Imagine Waking up to watch the sunrise over the Caribbean Sea and sunset behind the Majestic Mayan Mountains! Follow the top travel trends and experience all this and more when traveling to a small town destination.


Eco Hotels and Resorts

Eco Hotels

Go Green!

What better place to stay than in the Belize Jungle?

Many hotels, Inns, Resorts and Airbnb’s are located on acres of farmland, orchards, river valleys and mountains. Each location boasts a hidden jewel, whether it be: cascading waterfalls, fresh springs or a river view.

Nothing goes to waste! Belize has a recycling company, and all biodegradable items are used in gardens, orchards or wherever needed. Most Eco friendly hotels raise their livestock, and if needed, they would purchase from local markets selling grass fed products. And yes, there’s definitely a wide selection of meals for vegans and vegetarians.

Eco Hotels in Belize have either a water or a power supply- some have both. Enjoy a nature walk in their botanical gardens, and look out for a few of the 500 + species of birds that live in Belize.


cooking classes in Belize

Cooking Classes

Being a home to diverse cultures, Belize proudly presents its cultures: East Indian, Mayan, Mestizo, Garifuna and Creole.

Food is life- especially in Belize! Get a load of spices, herbs, fruits, vegetables and meat.

East Indian- Learn how to make a famous dish! Cohune Cabbage (the heart of a cohune tree-cooked), Curry Chicken (chicken cooked in tumeric) and Dahl Roti (something like a lentil pizza but with spices). Lessons can be done in Northern or Southern Belize.

Mayan- Make a corn tortilla! Mayans Enjoy corn tortilla with Caldo (a spicy chicken/pork soup). They also make a Tamal (corn dough stuffed with spices and meat, wrapped in a banana or plantain leaf and cooked on a fire hearth). Food is served with a hot chocolate drink “cacao uuk”. The drink is made from roasted ground cacao seeds, which some people might know as “dark chocolate powder”. The Mayans used it only for special occasions, considering it a “Royal Drink”. Lessons can be done in Western or Southern Belize.

Mestizo- Mestizos are Spanish and Maya descent. They’re favorite food is Escabeche (a chicken soup with spices and a lot of onions) and Relleno (a distinctive blackened chicken soup - due to its roasted spices). The Pork Pibil (a whole pig roasted in an underground pit) is a specialty, used for special events. Lessons can be done in Northern Belize.

 Garifuna- Talk about healthy, wholesome food! Garifunas say that there are more than 10 ways to cook a fish. Hudut with Sere (mashed green and ripe plantains served with a coconut fish stew. The Sahou Cassava Drink is like a warm porridge served on a cool morning. Lessons can be done in Southern Belize.

 Creole- Rice and Beans (made with coconut milk), Stew Recado Chicken and fried Plantain. This is a typical Belizean Lunch. Johnny cakes or Journey cakes are also a creole special, made with fresh coconut milk and baked on a fire hearth. Lessons can be done in Southern Belize.



Cheap Eats

After looking for places to stay and things to do, travelers search for places to eat. As we all know, Social Media never disappoints. We eventually engage in photos after photos of mouthwatering meals, carefully garnished on a platter, each dish more enticing than the other.

Your heart says YEEEESSS! But your budget says, “We can probably do a few!”

Here’s how to eat on a budget in Belize:

  • Coffee shops- All tourist destinations have unique coffee shops with pastries which is perfect for breakfast.
  • Veggie and fruit stands- perfect for snacks!
  • Taco Stands- Tacos are a must! They are always fresh and tasty.
  • Other street side stands – Only buy food if it’s freshly cooked or straight from the grill. It’s always nice to try local fast food.
  • Staying at an Airbnb? - Purchase a few groceries at the local supermarket.
  • Local Restaurants- local restaurant prices are affordable
  • Gourmet Restaurants- Don’t forget to treat yourself at least one or twice! Prices are normally mid-range with a three course meal.


Follow the Top Travel Trends for 2018 and check mark your bucket list activities in Belize, Central America!